Snow Football Tournament

The legendary and traditional SnowFootball Tournament is played on deep snow of Etunurtsi traditionally in February or March, just like this year. Gather a winning team and come to crawl in snow and kick yourself happy! The best teams will be awarded  and every team can go to sauna after the tournament.


Enrol your team by sending an e-mail to best(at sign) The e-mail should contain your name and phone number, the name of your team and the names of all the team members. The fee is 5 euros/team and it should be paid to the account FI50 1439 3500 0868 82.

The rules of the Tournament:


Playing time: 2x5min

Four (4) players on the field at a time. Benchwarmers are allowed.

There are no goal keepers.

There is no offside.

If the ball goes over end or side line, the ball will be kicked back in. After that the ball can not go straight to the goal.


In the case of faults a penalty is either a free kick or a penalty kick depending on the fault.

Shoes with studs are forbidden.

Points: Winning 3 points, tie 1 point.


Standings are determined by points, individual matches, goal difference and the amount of goal, in this order. If the winner is not clear after these, an extra game (1x5min) will be played and after that there will be a penalty shoot-out.

Final: If the situation is square when the playing time runs out, the game will go extra time and it ends when on of the teams scores.


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Photos: Tomi Nihtilä