Tampere Autumn Course 2017

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Will robots steal our jobs? Research from McKinsey Global Institute suggests that more than half of today’s human labour could be automated by 2055. Or 2035. Or 2075. Nevertheless, in order to ensure survival in the world of tomorrow, how can you make sure that instead of a robot taking your job, you’ll be employing robots to do yours?

During the course you’ll learn the very basics of robotics and automation, get an overview on the business and apply your skills on real life cases of service robotics. The idea is to learn how to create business concepts that could improve our daily lives by freeing us from menial tasks with the help of automation. The course is done in collaboration with Tampere University of Technology, companies and the local association of robotics called “Pullonkaula”.

In addition to saving you from robotic enslavement, you’ll get to enjoy the magical colors of our autumn, mysteries of our highly unpredictable weather, meet awkward Finns, and perhaps join them for a dip in the lake after sitting naked in a steamy hot room in the middle of a forest. Actually, you don’t have to go so far for a sauna – in Finland we even have one inside a Burger King! And in a library, and in a phone booth, and one made of ice…oh well, you’ll see.

So join our course, enjoy the nature, meet great people, learn, get inspired and find your inner robot. Apply!


1 – 8 October 2017.

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