BEST Tampere

BEST Tampere (officially BEST-TTYY) is one of the subdivisions under the Student Union of Tampere University of Technology. We are part of BEST (Board of European Students of Technology) that is an international student network present in 94 universities around Europe.  Our aim is to provide TUT students opportunities to reach an international mindset and a better understanding of European cultures as well as develop capacities to work in a multicultural environment.

Our core activity is to bring TUT students the possibility to attend academic courses provided by other local BEST groups in our partner universities. Since 1995 we have also organized an international summer course here in Tampere. The courses are realized in cooperation with the departments in TUT and bring annually 24 international students to our university to study and get to know the Finnish culture.

In addition to academic courses we also organize events directed to TUT students alone – such as Snow Football tournament every winter. Furthermore, we regularly take part in internal BEST events abroad and our members have the chance to join international workshops and leisure events. Naturally, we do also organize small happenings for our members, eg. movie and sauna nights and everyone studying at TUT is welcome to join our activities!